Nationwide, our company is appreciated for producing customized low voltage panels.

Our Certifications

A company that functions as per the law is called an ideal company and there's no doubt about this fact. Our company, active since 2017, has been working as per the Indian Law to promote customers interest in buying and serve as an ideal business establishment. The proof of our company working in regulation of the set standards within the industry are some certifications like ISO 9001:2015, United Accreditation Foundation (UAF), Trans Continental Certifications Pvt. Ltd. (TCCPL), CPRI, MSME and TM.

Our Vision

  • To make quality surpass every customer's expectation
  • To induce smart technology in electrical products
  • To invest in world-class production technologies and techniques
  • To add economic value to our customers establishment
  • To raise Indian Electrical Industry standards
  • To render the best dealing experience to customers

Our Mission

To innovate products with advancing technology and serve investment worthy electrical products.

Our Running Projects

Our electrical products such as Transformers, Control Panels and Circuit Breakers are designed for not singularly residential but also commercial use. Currently, our projects are running in various industries like Steel, Power Plant, Food, Hospital, Plywood, Pharmaceutical & more. We feel extremely delighted to boast of our alliance with companies like Manking Pharma Ltd. and Suvidha Mall for serving our cost-effective electrical products.

Manufacturing Facility

At Microtech Industries, we have the best strength in the form of advanced and hi-tech production house. Our production house is sectioned into many departments for fast project completion. We have sheet metal sourcing, welding, pre-treatment, powder coating, assembly, and testing department to support smooth and fast production of electrical items.

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